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Dredge Fishing Accessories

If you want to catch more fish or compete in a tournament, plan on learning more about dredge fishing.  We carry everything you will need to set up your dredge.  From Strip Teaser baits, rubber shad teaser baits, to the wire used to rig your own Splittail mullet.  We carry the most popular dredges used by the pros including Tournament Cable, Zing, and Offshore Innovations.  Fast snaps, quick clips, fishing bait springs, single sleeves and snap swivels for customizing your dredge are all at your fingertips in the dredge fishing section. We carry dredges by Zing, Tournament Cable and are back in stock on the popular "Holographic" teaser baits.

  • Squidnation Dredge
    $21.00 Choose Options Squidnation Dredge
    Squidnation Dredges are taking over.  Proven, and available in 5 configurations. 12" Naked Bar 24" Naked Bar w Tension loops 24" Bar with 2 loops per arm 36" Naked Bar w Tension loops 36" Bar with 2 loops per...

  • Fish Razr Dredges
    $22.99 Choose Options Fish Razr Dredges
    Just arrived, a substitute for Zing Dredges! Plenty in stock! Light 6 Arm bar w loops, 22" (Zing Mag 6 Copy) Light 6 Arm bar w loops, 32" (Zing Super Mag 6) Heavy Sailfish Bar 28" w loops (Zing Sailfish Bar 28") Heavy...

  • Center piece of Tournament Cable Standard 6 Arm Titanium.
    $129.99 Choose Options Tournament Cable Titanium Dredges
    Tournament Cable Titanium Dredges, 36" 13 Drop Rigged and Unrigged.  Unrigged dredges come with no hardware attached to the dredge.  All Swivel Sleeves come with the dredge but are not attached...

  • Strike Point Dredges
    $23.99 Choose Options Strike Point Dredges
    Strike Point SS Dredges are available in 4 configurations. 12", 1 drop per arm 24", 2 drops per arm 36", 2 drops per arm 36", Naked value bar...

  • Sea Spider Dredges
    $50.00 Choose Options Sea Spider Dredges
    Sea Spider Dredges come in two configurations. Both are straight arm, unrigged, no loops. 36" and 48"...

  • Corkscrew shown here plain and inserted in a 12" shad with a spro swivel attached.
    $6.99 Choose Options Shad Corkscrews
    Shad corkscrews come in 10Pk and 25Pk and 100Pk and are a great way to attach any soft bait to a dredge.  They work great on all of our shads particularly the 12" shad.  This is a new and improved corkscrew with a...

  • "New" grandslamtackle exclusive, 100pks of the famous "fast snap" "quick clip" "paper clip" dredge attachment.
    $13.00 Choose Options "NEW" 100Pk Fast Snap with Swivel
    A Grand Slam exclusive.  Currently available in 100 Pks, the "paper clip" "quick clip" or "fast snap" now comes in bulk 100pks with the swivel attached.  A great way to attach and remove dredge baits to/from your...

  • Fast Snaps/Quick Clips
    $3.99 Choose Options Fast Snaps/Quick Clips
    Fast Snaps or Quick Clips are a great way to quickly change your dredge baits without having to open and close a snap swivel. Available in 100pks or 12Pks...

  • Teaser Wires
    $7.99 Choose Options Teaser Wires
    Teaser Wires in four sizes for attaching your 12" shads or other baits to the dredge. These pin wires are attached to a swivel to avoid baits spinning...

  • Long Tang Dolphin Snaps
    $19.99 Choose Options Long Tang Dolphin Snaps
    This snap swivel is designed with an elongated snap end so you dont have to open the snap to put your dredge baits on.  Simply pop the pretwisted dredge wire with your dredge bait on and off with ease.  The swivel...

  • Pre-twisted Dredge Wires
    $29.99 Choose Options Pre-twisted Dredge Wires
    Larrys Rigs : Pre-twisted Dredge Wires 50 Pack - A real time saver when rigging dredge baits! - Available in regular weight and heavy weight...

  • Teaser Pin Rigs
    $2.30 Choose Options Teaser Pin Rigs
    Pin rigs are now sold individually so you can order exactly what size you need.  One size has a 1oz Egg Lead for Ballyhoo Teasers, one has a 3oz Egg Lead for Mullet Teasers.  The open ended pin rigs allow you to...

  • Duo Lock Snaps
    $9.99 Duo Lock Snaps
    Duo Lock Snaps 50 pack

  • 2Pk Corkscrew BB Snap
    $8.00 2Pk Corkscrew BB Snap
    2Pk 450lb Test Corkscrew Snap Swivel.  The Pro's choice for attaching your dredge to the teaser line...