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An assortment of our most popular teaser baits, squids, daisy chains and prerigged dredges.

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  • 16" Top Gun Aussie Awesome Teaser
    $95.00 Choose Options 16" Top Gun Aussie Awesome Teaser
    The 16" Top Gun Aussie "Awesome" comes in 3 colored heads, Blue, Black/Pearl and Black/Pink. Incredible Marlin Teaser, works great by itself or at the end of a squid chain...

  • 9" Moldcraft Squid
    $4.50 Choose Options 9" Moldcraft Squid
    9" Moldcraft Squid Teasers are one of the biggest sellers in both of our locations, particularly in the Pink and Green colors.  We also stock the following colors in the 9" size: Green, Pink, Blue, Natural, Purple,...

  • 12" Moldcraft Squid
    $9.50 Choose Options 12" Moldcraft Squid
    12" Moldcraft Teasers work great in a daisy chain or hang one of these guys from your 9" daisy chain or at the back end of almost any teaser.  They are made to splash on the surface but when pulled thru the third or...

  • Jumbo 16" Moldcraft Squid
    $34.99 Choose Options Jumbo 16" Moldcraft Squid
    16" Jumbo Moldcraft Squids make a great surface teaser and/or a daisy chain.  They are the largest  squid Moldcraft makes and come in Green, Blue, Natural and Pink. ...

  • 13" Boone Bowling Pin Teaseer
    $39.99 Choose Options 13" Boone Bowling Pin Teaseer
    The Boone 13" Bowling Pin or "Lu Lu" Teaser is still a hugely popular teaser. It pulls easy and is a  fish raising mother.  We stock the Bonito color only because its the choice of the best crews around. You can...

  • Mudflap Teasers
    $10.00 Choose Options Mudflap Teasers
    Mudflap Teasers are super productive for all types of fishing but seem to be working great in destinations like Costa Rica and St. Thomas where Marlin are prevalent.  We offer them individually in 13". 18", 24" and 36"...

  • Playaction 13" Bowling Pin Teaser
    $49.99 Choose Options Playaction 13" Bowling Pin Teaser
    Playactions world famous "Bonito" Bowling Pin comes in 13" and again in the Bonito Color only because its the only one that the pros use.  Pull it solo or add a mudflap or a stip teaser and catch more fish.  It is...

  • Boone Bird/Mudflap Teaser
    $89.99 Choose Options Boone Bird/Mudflap Teaser
    This Boone 13" Bird combined with an 18" Marlin Mudflap changes the game.  It combines the water walking, splashing action of the bird with the effective "contrast" of black and white as seen from the bottom looking up...

  • 9" Sassy Shad
    $2.99 Choose Options 9" Sassy Shad
    Action Plastics : 9" Sassy shads are available in Black/Pearl, Jet Black, and Pink/Clear/Fleck.  The most popular dredge teaser fish around.  We sell this teaser all over the world including Costa Rica, Panama,...

  • 12" Sassy Shad
    $5.95 Choose Options 12" Sassy Shad
    12" Action Plastics Dredge Shad is new, sleeker, less drag, and in 5 great colors. The most popular dredge bait for pros fishing Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Florida, and the Mid-Atlantic states.  We stock the...

  • Squidnation Squids
    $4.99 Choose Options Squidnation Squids
    Squidnation Squids in the 9" and 12" Mauler series now available. We stock eight colors, Black, Hot Pink, Natural, Electric Blue, Rasta, Green, Red, and Purple.  These squids take on new meaning when they...

  • Moldcraft Dredge Mackerel
    $10.50 Choose Options Moldcraft Dredge Mackerel
    Brand New and hot off the presses at Moldcraft is the "new" Dredge Mackerel.  This is an item that has been in the Moldcraft Arsenal for many years but just noticed as an excellent dredge bait.  It is 12"...

  • 42 Ballyhoo Strip Teaser Dredge
    $149.99 42 Ballyhoo Strip Teaser Dredge
    A great dredge to start out with and see how productive they can be.  This is a Zing Mag 6 Arm dredge with 7-6 Bally Strip Teasers.  Dredges Work!!

  • Moldcraft Mackerel Dredge
    $295.00 Moldcraft Mackerel Dredge
    This old school Moldcraft Mackerel now comes in Black, Purple, and Blue in order to be priced properly as a dredge bait. It has awesome swimming action and is extremely durable.  This dredge is a heavy duty tournament...

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