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Skirted Big Game Lures

Some of our best Marlin Lures offered rigged or unrigged!

  • Zacatak Mouse
    $74.99 Choose Options Zacatak Mouse
    Zacatak Lures :

  • Zacatak Rat
    $99.99 Choose Options Zacatak Rat
    Zacatak Lures : If its the lure formally known as the Pak%^))A Ra??? you are looking for, this is it. Available in all the great colors of the past: Lumo Nessance, Friggin ate, Kajikow, Blue Hawaiian Hula Girl HA HA...

  • Bonze Angel
    $58.00 Choose Options Bonze Angel
    The Bonze Angel is a Medium Tube Lure.  We offer it in three colors: Colors are Black/Blue and Black/silver over mint Skirt size is an OC50 or 9-10" skirt Hook size would vary from 9/0-11/0 depending on the hook make...

  • Bonze Havoc
    $69.00 Choose Options Bonze Havoc
    A unique head style, similar to a medium plunger or a Top Gun Bora Bora.  This lure comes in a killer Black/Gold/Pink color combination that is a favorite of the Brasilia Fishing Team in the Azores.  It is a...

  • Top Color "Squidly"
Bottom Color "Scaley Green/Pink"
    $69.00 Choose Options Bonze Hercules
    The Bonze "Hercules" is a Medium to Large Marlin Lure. Slightly cupped head makes this a chugger style lure best suited for calm to semi-choppy water.  Will run great in those conditions.   Colors...

  • Bonze Here for the Party
    $58.00 Choose Options Bonze Here for the Party
    The Bonze "Here for the Party" is a brilliantly done Medium Plunger.  The lure takes a skirt size of OC50 and would be best suited for a long rigger position with a 10/0 hook or hookset.  We offer it in three...

  • Bonze Merlin Small Tube
    $42.00 Choose Options Bonze Merlin Small Tube
    This Small Tube Lure called the Merlin is your traditional "Tube" lure offered in a size we have never seen before.  Sure to work magic on the shotgun or long rigger.  The Merlin takes an OC30 or 9" skirt and...

  • Fathom Lure Calico Jack Slant
    $57.00 Choose Options Fathom Lure Calico Jack Slant
    Long regarded as one of the most productive head shapes ever designed.  The Calico Jack Slant features a tapered nose design creating an explosive and sizzling swimming action that make it an ideal lure for big...

  • New skirt color just arrived, bad ass!
    $58.00 Choose Options June 2018 Lure of the Month
      Top Gun 9" Nighmare in our new " Halloween" skirt color. Small lure, slant head, runs great as a long rigger or shot gun...

  • Moldcraft Custom Wide Range
    $34.00 Choose Options Moldcraft Custom Wide Range
    A "Wide Range of Wide Ranges"!  Our custom color Moldcraft Wide Ranges are sick! Colors: Scaley Orange Crush Texas Turd Gobstopper Tony the Tiger In the Pink Scaley Green Giant Scaley Purple...

  • Moyes "J Boy"
    $55.00 Choose Options Moyes "J Boy"
    The Moyes "J Boy" is gaining popularity in the Florida and Bahama marketplace.  Moyes, a big game boat captain/mate has fished all over the world and his knowledge shows in his line of lures.  This lure would be...

  • Steve Coggin Pearl Head Small Slant
    $49.00 Choose Options Steve Coggin Pearl Head Small Slant
    "Small Slant Pearl" by Steve Coggin skirted Black/Orange and rigged with an 8/0 Hays Hook aircraft swaged single hookset.  We rig this lure on 200lb Monofilament.  Deadly on the long rigger.  Proven...

  • Top Gun Apollo
    $48.00 Choose Options Top Gun Apollo
    Top Gun Apollo is a Medium sized marlin lure.  Hook size recommended would be 9/0-11/0. Available in Hot Pink, Purple Clear, Blue Clear and Black Clear.  Skirt size is OC50 or S5 in the bart skirts. This lure is...

  • The original and brand new Top Gun Maggot 14" in color Old Glory
    $72.00 World Cup Winner
    Wondering which lure won this years World Cup July 4th Marlin Tournament?   Here it is, the original "Old Glory" as named by the now infamous crew of the brandy new 77 ft. Jarrett Bay "Blank Check".  Thanks to the...