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Skirted Big Game Lures

Some of our best Marlin Lures offered rigged or unrigged!

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  • Zacatak Mouse
    $74.99 Choose Options Zacatak Mouse
    Zacatak Lures :

  • Zacatak Rat
    $99.99 Choose Options Zacatak Rat
    Zacatak Lures : If its the lure formally known as the Pak%^))A Ra??? you are looking for, this is it. Available in all the great colors of the past: Lumo Nessance, Friggin ate, Kajikow, Blue Hawaiian Hula Girl HA HA...

  • 12" Top Gun Aussie Awesome Ball Bearing
    $69.00 Choose Options 12" Top Gun Aussie Awesome Ball Bearing
    Top Gun 12" Aussie Awesome Ball Bearing lure comes in 4 great colors, Blue Shell, Pearl, Green Tint, and Blue/Pink/Clear.  BB allows the lure to track perfectly.  A favorite of captains in North Carolina and St...

  • Bonze Angel
    $65.00 Choose Options Bonze Angel
    The Bonze Angel is a Medium Tube Lure.  We offer it in three colors: Colors are Black/Blue and Black/silver over mint Skirt size is an OC50 or 9-10" skirt Hook size would vary from 9/0-11/0 depending on the hook make...

  • Bonze Havoc
    $85.00 Choose Options Bonze Havoc
    A unique head style, similar to a medium plunger or a Top Gun Bora Bora.  This lure comes in a killer Black/Gold/Pink color combination that is a favorite of the Brasilia Fishing Team in the Azores.  It is a...

  • Top Color "Squidly"
Bottom Color "Scaley Green/Pink"
    $85.00 Choose Options Bonze Hercules
    The Bonze "Hercules" is a Medium to Large Marlin Lure. Slightly cupped head makes this a chugger style lure best suited for calm to semi-choppy water.  Will run great in those conditions.   Colors...

  • Bonze Here for the Party
    $65.00 Choose Options Bonze Here for the Party
    The Bonze "Here for the Party" is a brilliantly done Medium Plunger.  The lure takes a skirt size of OC50 and would be best suited for a long rigger position with a 10/0 hook or hookset.  We offer it in two...

  • Bonze Mongrel Dog
    $115.00 Choose Options Bonze Mongrel Dog
    The Bonze "Mongrel Dog" is a straight runner that takes a 14" OC70 skirt.   This is a Large Marlin Lure that can be run with or without hooks.  Similar shaped head but a little longer than the Black Bart...

  • Moldcraft Custom Wide Range
    $34.00 Choose Options Moldcraft Custom Wide Range
    A "Wide Range of Wide Ranges"!  Our custom color Moldcraft Wide Ranges are sick! Colors: Scaley Orange Crush Texas Turd Gobstopper Tony the Tiger In the Pink Scaley Green Giant Scaley Purple...

  • Moyes "J Boy"
    $55.00 Choose Options Moyes "J Boy"
    The Moyes "J Boy" is gaining popularity in the Florida and Bahama marketplace.  Moyes, a big game boat captain/mate has fished all over the world and his knowledge shows in his line of lures.  This lure would be...

  • Moyes Wave Killer
    $90.00 Choose Options Moyes Wave Killer
    The Moyes Wave Killer is a long slender lure that is extremely versatile. We offer four colors that will blow you away. Black/Purple Head-Frigate Black/Blue Head-Blue/Silver Flyer Black/Shell Head-Silver w Black...

  • Steve Coggin Pearl Head Small Slant
    $49.00 Choose Options Steve Coggin Pearl Head Small Slant
    "Small Slant Pearl" by Steve Coggin skirted Black/Orange and rigged with an 8/0 Hays Hook aircraft swaged single hookset.  We rig this lure on 200lb Monofilament.  Deadly on the long rigger.  Proven...

  • Top Gun 12" Maggot Marlin Lure
    $58.00 Top Gun 12" Maggot Marlin Lure
    Available in 4 of our most popular colors, Purple/White, Flying Fish, Blue/White and Black/Orange...

  • $48.00 Choose Options Top Gun Apollo
    Top Gun Apollo is a Medium sized marlin lure.  Hook size recommended would be 9/0-11/0. Available in Hot Pink, Purple Clear, Blue Clear and Black Clear.  Skirt size is OC50 or S5 in the bart skirts. This lure is...

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