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Outrigger Accessories

Grandslamtackle.com offers everything you will need to rig your outriggers when fishing.  Clips by Blacks, Tripese, Rupp, Aftco. Pulley systems by Ronstan, Harken, Hal-lok, Rupp, and Tigress. We sell paraline by the foot and offer Lindgren-Pitman mono fishing line in 400 and 500lb test in Royal Blue, Black, Red, Green and Clear.  Outrigger balls by Primo also in Blue, Red, Black, Green, and White.

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  • Lindgren-Pittman Primeline Mono 400lb Test 100Yd
    $19.99 Choose Options Lindgren-Pittman Primeline Mono 400lb Test 100Yd
    Lindgren-Pitman : Lindgren-Pittman Primeline Mono Lindgren-Pittman Mono, 100yd Coil, 2.0MM, 400#...

  • Paraline Black 100Yd
    $42.00 Paraline Black 100Yd
    Black Cored Paraline is often used as outrigger halyard material.  It lasts and does not fray like some lines used in outrigger "kits".  It is sold in 100yd increments...

  • Blacks RC-99 Release Clip
    $9.99 Blacks RC-99 Release Clip
    Black Marine Products, Inc. : Blacks RC-99 Release Clip The most popular outrigger release clip on the market!The clip simply threads on the downrigger or kite line and is held in position with a crimped sleeve, split...

  • Blacks RC-100 Release Clip
    $10.99 Blacks RC-100 Release Clip
    Black Marine Products, Inc. : Blacks RC-100 Release Clip This release clip is designed expressly to: - Keep outrigger line & fishing line from fouling. - Give a Clean Release. - Have a release arm. - Have a tension...

  • Aftco Roller Troller OR-1 - Outrigger Clip
    $54.99 Aftco Roller Troller OR-1 - Outrigger Clip
    The AFTCO Outrigger Clip helps you position a trolling lure from an outrigger by simply reeling in or letting out line right through the clip, where the line rides safely on a roller that features silky-smooth action. The...

  • Trip-Ese Single Action Outrigger Clip
    $34.99 Choose Options Trip-Ese Single Action Outrigger Clip
    Black Marine Products, Inc. : Trip-Ese Single Action Outrigger Clip 2...

  • Hal-lock Outrigger Pulley
    $19.99 Choose Options Hal-lock Outrigger Pulley
    MARINE & OUTDOOR PRODUCTS :Hal-lock Outrigger PulleyThe HAL-LOCK outrigger pulley was specially designed for speed and efficiency (and it looks good too). Simply pull the locking lever back and the halyard is pushed into...

  • Harken Pulleys
    $14.99 Choose Options Harken Pulleys
    Choose from six different Harken Pulley styles. The Mini Blocks 16mm come in single(404), double(406), triple(408) The Micro Blocks, slightly larger, come in single(224), double(226), triple(228) Very popular for...

  • Rupp Outrigger Pulleys
    $10.50 Choose Options Rupp Outrigger Pulleys
    Rupp Outrigger Pulleys with and without snap.

  • Crimp Protectors
    $4.99 Choose Options Crimp Protectors
    Grand Slam Tackle.Com : Crimp Protectors 10 Pk. Conceals the crimp or knot for added protection

  • Primo Outrigger Stop
    $3.50 Choose Options Primo Outrigger Stop
    Primo : Primo Outrigger Stop...

  • Outrigger Shackle 5/32 in
    $13.99 Outrigger Shackle 5/32 in
    Grand Slam Tackle.Com : Outrigger Shackle 5/32 in For attaching outrigger rollers to the eyes on outrigger eyes Stainless Steel Loose...

  • Stainless Steel Rings
    $2.99 Choose Options Stainless Steel Rings
    Grand Slam Tackle.Com : Stainless Steel Rings Larger and smaller sizes are perfect for rigging an outrigger for the use of a teaser line. Smaller sizes work great on kite rods to hold clips in place. 2...

  • Aussie Ball Bearing
    $7.50 Choose Options Aussie Ball Bearing
    300#, 400#, and 600# Chromed Aussie Ball Bearings

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