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Our fishing lure selection includes some of the finest big game lures on the market.  Black Bart, Top Gun, Hollowpoint, Fathom, Moldcraft, Copa by Steve Coggin, Pakula, and Zacatak.  This section of our site will be expanding daily and will also include lures for Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, and Billfish.

  • Copa Small Slant by Steve Coggin
    $42.00 Choose Options Copa Small Slant by Steve Coggin
    The "small slant" in pearl is our best selling handmade lure by Steve Coggin.  This lure has caught fish worldwide for some of the best crews out there.  Its typically skirted with an OC40-OC50 skirt or two 9...

  • 14" Top Gun Ball Bearing Nightmare
    $76.00 Choose Options 14" Top Gun Ball Bearing Nightmare
    The 14" Top Gun Ball Bearing Nightmare is a unique lure in that it has a removable Ball Bearing that the skirts are glued to.  This allows the lure to always run in the proper position with the head slant facing...

  • Grand Slam Junkanoo Lure
    $49.99 Choose Options Grand Slam Junkanoo Lure
    Grand Slam Junkanoo Lures are made using original Ilander lures with various skirt combinations. Rigged on Stainless cable with a 7732 SS Mustad Hook.  Ready to high speed for...

  • Grand Slam Wahoo Pack
    $249.99 Grand Slam Wahoo Pack
    Grand Slam "Wahoo Pack" comes complete with 6 Proven Wahoo Lures rigged on 270lb Stainless Cable.  Ready to fish lures include: Wahoo Express, Mylure Bullet, Strike Pro Wahoo Hunter, Schatman Wizard, Sniper, and...

  • Fathom Wahoo Pack
    $359.99 Fathom Wahoo Pack
    Fathom Offshore's "Wahoo Pack" comes complete with 4 Rigged Wahoo Lures on cable, 4 Complete Shock Leaders, 2-16oz 2-28oz Slim Wahoo Leads with cable on both ends.  A great assortment for targeting wahoo in any part of...

  • Zacatak Mini Sprocket/Cockroach Fishing Lures
    $59.99 Choose Options Zacatak Mini Sprocket/Cockroach Fishing Lures
    This 5-6" long lure is a perfect mini version of the Zacatak Rat and Sprocket.  We offer it in 2 colors right now, the LUMO and KAJIKI color combos.  Both cupped head lures that run straight and smoke up a storm...

  • Zacatak Mouse
    $74.99 Choose Options Zacatak Mouse
    Zacatak Lures :

  • Zacatak Rat
    $99.99 Choose Options Zacatak Rat
    Zacatak Lures : If its the lure formally known as the Pak%^))A Ra??? you are looking for, this is it. Available in all the great colors of the past: Lumo Nessance, Friggin ate, Kajikow, Blue Hawaiian Hula Girl HA HA...

  • Bait Bonnets
    $4.99 Choose Options Bait Bonnets
    Bait Bonnets are hugely popular amongst dredge fishermen all over the planet.  The most popular color is "Blue Boy" which is a pearl mylar that lights up flourescent blue in the water.  Also available in Pink...

  • #2 Red Eye Bullet Wahoo Lures
    $36.50 Choose Options #2 Red Eye Bullet Wahoo Lures
    #2(4oz)  Red Eye Wahoo Bullets are available in the following colors: Orange head: Orange over Black Purple head: Purple over Black Black head: Black over Silver They are solid stainless steel This lure skirted is...

  • #3 Red Eye Bullet Wahoo Lures
    $63.00 Choose Options #3 Red Eye Bullet Wahoo Lures
    #3(23oz.) Red Eye Bullet lure is 12" long and a deadly high speed Wahoo lure.  Available in the following colors: Stainless Head/Black Silver over White Purple Head/Silver Black over Purple(called Prime Time) Black...

  • 10" Top Gun Maggot
    $38.00 Choose Options 10" Top Gun Maggot
    The straight running, cupped head "Maggot" is a no brainer easy to pull and consistent lure. It runs well anywhere in the spread and would be considered a small to medium marlin lure but also produces all sorts of...

  • 10Pk Squidnation "Slammers"
    $14.99 Choose Options 10Pk Squidnation "Slammers"
    10Pk Squidnation Slammer comes in the following colors: Black, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink, Blue/White, Blue, Red Great addition to your trolling baits, particularly the circle hook ballyhoo rigs. They are 3" long by 1/2"...

  • 12" Top Gun Aussie Awesome
    $54.00 Choose Options 12" Top Gun Aussie Awesome
    Top Gun 12" Aussie Awesome is a slant head Marlin lure that runs great as a short rigger or flat line. Its available in 2 colors, Pearl, Black Silver.  This lure uses an OC60 size skirt...