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Kite Fishing General

A finely-tuned kite-fishing system is a thing of beauty and a constant source of action in the right conditions. Kite fishing is a centuries-old method of fishing that has been perfected by anglers. A popular method of fishing in South Florida for many years, the fishing kite earned its reputation for numerous catches of sailfish, and in the last decade, anglers have been using the kite to catch more species with greater success. Learn how to increase your catch, anchoring and drifting techniques, use of bait, and how to cover large fishing areas.  

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  • SFE Fishing Kites - Kite Fishing
    $129.99 Choose Options SFE Fishing Kites - Kite Fishing
    Standard Wind SFE kites are adjustable to fly in winds between 5-25 mph. We will ship you either Green or Red, depending on what is available. The Light Wind SFE kite is designed to fly in wind conditions between 4-15...

  • Blacks RC-99 Release Clip
    $9.99 Blacks RC-99 Release Clip
    Black Marine Products, Inc. : Blacks RC-99 Release Clip The most popular outrigger release clip on the market!The clip simply threads on the downrigger or kite line and is held in position with a crimped sleeve, split...

  • Daiwa Kite Rod
    $109.99 Daiwa Kite Rod
    Saltiga® G Kite Rod Short (32”) rod is the perfect tool for managing fishing kites. Quick Grip&rtrade; butt with gimbal lifts easily from the rod holder–keeps your reel’s controls and readout...

  • $275.00 Choose Options Blackfin Kite Rods
    Blackfin Kite Rods are available with Winthrop SS Top, and Unibutt...

  • Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Kite Combo
    $850.00 Choose Options Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Kite Combo
    Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Kite Combo!  Ready to go fly a kite with 3 Clips, on a Daiwa SAG28H-KT Kite Rod. The reel has backing and enough 80# Braid to handle the clips and then some.  This reel can also be used to...

  • The RC 60 3 Clip Kit is the standard for kite fishermen in the Sailfish Capital of the World, Palm Beach.  It utilizes different colors for each clip to avoid confusion and 
a series of high quality swivels for easy use.
    $35.99 3 Clip Kite Kit
    Grand Slam Tackle offers our version of the Blacks RC-60 3 Clip Kite setup. We use Spro #2, #4, #6 power swivels instead of the cheaper barrel and aussie styles normally included in this kit.  We have seen too many...

  • Kite Hunter Fishing Kites
    $139.99 Choose Options Kite Hunter Fishing Kites
    Kite Hunter : Kite Hunter Fishing Kites Kite Hunter Fishing Kites are hand made from durable cotton-polyester material. Complete with instructions. Guaranteed to fly for perfect non-stop kite fishing action! Extra Lite...

  • 2 Clip  Kite Release Clip Kit - Kite Fishing
    $24.99 2 Clip Kite Release Clip Kit - Kite Fishing
    BLACK MARINE PRODUCTS, INC. :Blacks Kite Release Clip Kit - Kite Fishing2 pre-drilled clips, #5 and #7 swivels and snap swivel

  • Snap On Kite Release Clip
    $18.99 Snap On Kite Release Clip
    Primo Snap On Kite Release Clip!  Spring loaded kite release clip that can be added during your fishing day without swivels or knots.  Simply clip to the line and send your bait out...

  • Owner Solid Rings
    $5.50 Choose Options Owner Solid Rings
    8Pk #7 and #9 Owner solid rings. The standard for eliminating chafe on your kite lines. The ring is put into your kite clip instead of the line...

  • Kite Ring Bunji
    $15.00 Kite Ring Bunji
    Kite Ring Bunji!  Stainless Ring to BB Snap Swivel used to fly kite from an outrigger.

  • Kite Thong
    $25.99 Choose Options Kite Thong
    Secures your helium balloon to an SFE or Frenzy kite. Now available in three leg and four leg. The three leg allows the kite to fly off to one side or the other, great if flying two kites at the same time. The four leg is...

  • $14.00 Choose Options Tigress Kite Thongs
    Tigress Kite Thongs come in 3 Leg and 4 Leg.  3 Leg is for flying your kite to one side or the other and is helpful when flying two kites.  The 4 leg is for flying a single kite...

  • R & R Synthetic Bait Rigging Needles 5Pk
    $5.00 R & R Synthetic Bait Rigging Needles 5Pk
    Ray Rosher has come up with a great product!  The perfect bait bridle needle, it floats, has an eye that keeps rubber bands, floss, or dacron in the eye...

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