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Great Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Check out this list of gift ideas for your favorite anglers!!  Receive free ground shipping on anything off this list beginning October 20th, 2012. 

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  • Sabiki Bait Catcher Std.
    $30.00 Sabiki Bait Catcher Std.
    This Sabiki bait catching kit is a great gift for any fisherman.  It includes 2 #4, 2 #6, 2 #8 Hyabusa S-068AE bait rigs for a total of 6 rigs, a Malin bait dehooker, and 6 Dipsey leads(2-1/2oz, 2-1oz, 2-2oz). A basic...

  • Sportsman Release Knife
    $22.50 Sportsman Release Knife
    releaseknife.com : Sportsman Release Knife Release Knife w/Lanyard Cuts any size mono *Does not include sheath...

  • Large Hyabusa Sabiki Bait Rig
    $35.00 Large Hyabusa Sabiki Bait Rig
    Want to catch your own Goggle Eye, Scad, Speedo's, Blue Runners?  This is a great way to start. The kit contains 2-D119E, 2-D115E Hyabusa Sabiki Rigs, 1 Malin Dehooker, and 2 2oz. Dipsey leads. This is what the...

  • Flurocarbon Sabiki  Bait Catching rigs
    $35.00 Flurocarbon Sabiki Bait Catching rigs
    An upgrade from the standard bait catching rig assortment.  This group of sabiki rigs are made with fluorocarbon and can be found on most serious tournament boats.  The kit contains a Malin dehooker,  6...

  • Release Rulers "Blue Marlin" measuring tool.
    $89.99 Choose Options Marlin Ruler
    The "Marlin Ruler" created by Dale Wills of "In The Bite" magazine and releaseruler.com is  a must have on board for any sportfisherman.  Remember the time you caught a Blue Marlin and noone believed you when you...

  • All Purpose Rigging Kit
    $159.99 All Purpose Rigging Kit
    This all purpose rigging kit includes the following items: 8mm Red Beads Glow Crimp Protectors Chafe Gear Jinkai Crimps (50Ea of F, G, LI, and J) Diamond BB Snaps (10 Super Dolphin, 10 150#, 6 200#, and 6 300#) Plano...

  • Fish Flag Assortment
    $165.00 Fish Flag Assortment
    A great gift for any serious boat owner!  Dont have that epic fishing day and be caught with your pants down when you return to your marina.  Here is an  assortment of 5 Sailfish, 5 White Marlin, and 5 Blue...

  • Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader Assortment
    $185.00 Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader Assortment
    Still the top name in Fluorocarbon, Seaguar rules the marketplace in Fluoro leader. This assortment covers all bases of inshore and light tackle offshore and bottom fishing. Included are 25yd Dispenser skeins of 10, 12,...

  • Ballyhood Wahoo Kit
    $189.99 Ballyhood Wahoo Kit
    One of each of Ballyhood's top producing Wahoo lures, rigged, and ready to catch. Wahoo Express, 32oz. Cowbell, 14oz. Cowbell Rattlehead   We will send you a nice color assortment of our best sellers...

  • Sewing Needles
    $3.99 Choose Options Sewing Needles
    Assorted Sewing Needles, Standard Sewing with open and notched eyes.  Also Rite Angler mortician needles and our Grand Slam Exclusive needles in a hi vis red pouch that allows you to always find your needles quickly...

  • Aluminum Crimp Kit
    $79.99 Aluminum Crimp Kit
    This aluminum crimp kit comes with the following items: 50-S Crimps(.8mm) 50-M Crimps(1.0mm) 50-L Crimps(1.3mm) 50-G Crimps(1.6mm) 50-F Crimps(1.8mm) 50-D Crimps(2.2mm) 25-C Crimps(2.5mm) 20-2.0 Glow...

  • Bogagrip
    $119.99 Choose Options Bogagrip
    The Original "Bogagrip" available in 30# and 60#.  One of the finest tools available in the fishing industry.  Stainless steel of the highest quality!  Will not corrode...

  • Bubba Blade Knives
    $49.99 Choose Options Bubba Blade Knives
    Bubba Blades in stock in 5 of our most popular sizes: 7" Tapered 9" Flex 9" Tapered 9" Stiffie 12"...

  • Mini Double Crimp Kit
    $69.99 Mini Double Crimp Kit
    This Mini Double Crimp Kit contains the following: 100-.8mm 100-1.0mm 100-1.3mm 100-1.6mm 100-1.9mm 100-2.2mm 50-1.4 Spring Gear 50-1.6 Spring Gear 50-2.0 Spring Gear 1-Plano 3500 Storage...

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